Things that go Bite in the Night: a History of Vampires in Storytelling

Often associated with the Gothic, vampires have ignited imaginations in many forms over many centuries. The longer that the vampire myth has germinated, the more fervently this mythology has embedded itself in popular culture and refused to die. Across history, vampires appear in various incarnations: but how does the vampire story extend from the brutal Hungarian ruler Vlad the Impaler to Christopher Lee in Hammer Horror and the glittery Edward Cullen in Twilight? And what do these variety of incarnations reveal about the living? In order to answer some of these questions, we are going to unearth the very birth of vampire stories.

Rise of the Robots: the Increased Popularity of Science Fiction

Last year the word ‘Jedi’ was added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Alongside the popularity of 'StarWars', the last decade has seen a huge increase in mainstream popularity of science-fiction, with many classics such as 'Dune' and 'Foundation' being adapted for audiences. It’s official: science-fiction is no longer the domain of geeks. Science-fiction is sexy. But what is driving this popularity?